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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Models of dresses

The dress is always right choice for the woman who wants to look elegant. You just have to know what model you chose to give an accent on the best in you.
All the ladies know that they are the necessary to have an appropriate shoes.The legs must be satin smooth, so that before you dress your favorite dress,you'll require waxing, moisturizing, and maybe even a little bronze color on the legs.

When it comes to style, wear what suits your body build.So pay attention to following the fashion advice of experts:

Strong hips

The easiest way to balance the strong hips is to choose a dress that is not tight buteasy to fall over the upper body. Even better if you have great cleavage and nakedshoulders, because it will attract attention to these body parts.

Wide waist

You need models that will visually elongate your torso. Choose a dress high-cut waist, define it with belt,decorative ribbon or scarf. Avoid wide belts which are tightened at the waist, but you can choose strap loosely laid low on the hips.

Strong shoulders

Sleeveless dress or a short fluffy sleeve dress certainly not a good option for women with stronger shoulders. Select bell sleeves to cover upper part of your arms. The trick is to choose unusual sleeves, and if you decide for a sleeveless dress,you'll need a scarf to put over the shoulder or bolero.

Big breasts

Dresses with deep cleavage,and dresses which are tied around the neck will look very nice on a women who want to give an accent to theirs breasts.Choose materials that will not only slip through the chest, but stronger materials and patterns. If, however, want to draw attention to breast and balance them with the rest of the body, choose a dress with a lower A-line and fall to their knees. Also, avoid any types necklaces and ornaments and additions to the top of the dress.

Small breasts

If you have small breasts, avoid deep cleavage. However, if you want to increase the optical chest, choose a dress that has a big part in this area. Like the wheels, ornaments and the like. This will at least a little 'fill' bust.


Knitted dresses are the worst option for this figure. Add the layers to your dresses. If you have very thin legs, avoid mini skirts and decide for a long, airy,bell dresses. Skinny girls can add a wide belt to emphasize waist. Balloon dresses, except that they are in the trend,they will provide to hide the thin lower part and the definition of feminine curves.


Avoid the layered models because they will not hide the extra pounds. On the contrary, 'baggy' dresses will only further expand you. Models that follow the line of the body are especially good for fuller women. Choose dresses from stronger materials that will nice follow the line of the body. Do not avoid colors or patterns, but they still should not be overly striking.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Types Of Earings That Matches Your Face Shape

It is not always easy to pick a nice jewelry that will suit you well. It often happens that you buy nice earrings,but not get the effect of what we wanted.You won't make err if you follow these few tricks:

If you have ash blonde hair and a complexion that is lighter,the best suits to you silver jewelry and sets with pink and light blue zircons, because their colors complement your natural features.

Girls with blonde hair instinctively choose gold jewelry, and it fit them well,earrings with precious and semiprecious stones with brown tones are very nice too.

Girls with black hair and bright complexion fits the gold and silver jewelry.Gold best fit in combination with red gems,and silver in combination with sapphires and glass beads.

If you have brown hair and dark complexion suits you gold, shiny glass beads, semiprecious stones.

Characteristics that should have the earrings that you wear by your shape of face:

Triangular (heart-shaped) feature - you should wear medium-sized round earrings, round plate hanging earrings in the form of tears or a triangle with short necklaces around the neck. Avoid heart-shaped, sharp edges of the earring in bright colors and models.

Round face - thin, long earrings irregular shapes (square, rectangular shapes) izdužiće your face, a long narrow earrings.It won't suit you ring earrings and tiny earrings.

Oval face - girls with oval shape faces can wear all types of earrings. Round or circlet or luxurious shiny models will suit your face, and also all kinds of necklaces.
Square face - Necklaces-shaped "U" line will reduce sharper chin. From earrings you should wear circlets - a small or large, with or without decorations - all of you are great.

Elongated face - larger earrings will visually widen your face, you best fit the broad and richly ornamented circlet. You should avoid a long "chain models."

Broad face - You shuould wear stepped shapes, rhomboids and trapezius, choose a simple flat surfaces, not richly decorated.
I hope that you will some of these advices to help to highlight the benefits of your face, and any "shortcomings" to cover up.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to Hide Flaws?

Women are never satisfied with their appearance. It is a fact. Some give up plastic surgery,while others are turning to make up.

Here are some tips for those less brave.

1. How to reduce the distinct, large eyes?

Distinct, large eyes, often dominate the other facial features. The best way to drag the attention from them is if you use dark shades for eyes and a shower.
For a daily look, use a neutral shade that is two shades darker than your skin color - apply it to the whole eyelid. Drag the line of the eyelid with a dark brown eyeliner and smudge that would not be too harsh. Repeat the process on the lower lid and its interior. Finish with mascara for volume. Try to avoid mascara to lengthen lashes.
For dramatic effect, 'smokey eyes' are the direction in which you should definitely go.Instead of pearl shadows, use matte eye shadows because they help to reduce eye.For emphasis, use lighter shades just below the eyebrow.

2. How to make small eyes bigger and brighter?

The most important thing is to use bright colors around the eyes and never apply a dark ink on the lower lid because it will make your eyes smaller.
Many make-up experts use a white or beige eyeliner for the inside of the eyelid - this must be an essential part of your make-up instruments if you have small eyes. On the upper eyelid can use a pencil or ink, and so to extend the line to the corners of the eyes.
Neutral shades are your best friends. But their use should be as simple as possible.Use only two tones simultaneously and only a few black lines that stand out. In this way you will make them bigger and to emphasize their shape.
Emphasize the eyelashes, because they open up and emphasize your eyes. First, curl, then apply mascara, concentrating on middle and outer corners, and pull them up.

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The Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

On the diamond market there is an incredibly large range of prices, so we can find to cheaper diamonds and those diamonds with sky-high prices, and price of each copy depends on the 4C factor.

By 2007. The most expensive diamond was the "Hancock Red" which was sold for a whopping 926,000 dollars per carat. The diamond comes from Brazil and bought him a wealthy owner of the oil companies. In total for the reddish-purple diamond owner allocated 880,000 dollars to 0.95 cards. But the same year a record was broken.Here's what happened. At the auction, of the famous house, a blue diamond was sold for 7.98 million dollars. The auction is completed in just 8 minutes.

Pink diamonds

Pink diamonds are probably the most wanted color, but because of the great rarities are extremely expensive and available only to a very narrow circle of rich people. Pink diamonds you can not see with any jeweler, and when you see them once there, do not be surprised if their price makes you, on a still better alternative.The number of pink diamonds in nature is decreasing every day, which of course rapidly raises its price. This is the main reason why fans of pink color are increasingly using a variant of pink sapphires. But, if your money is not a problem, then you can use different sizes and shapes of pink diamonds. Very good and very popular, is a combination with white diamonds, when they rose fully evident. This combination is much cheaper, as opposed to exclusive combination of pink diamonds.

Despite their high prices, diamonds are extremely rare colors are selling well. But, once you buy it, believe you will be one of the few proud owners.

Green diamonds

Natural green diamonds are the second rarest diamonds, and their green color is the result of radiation of atoms. But this radiation is rarely localized on the diamond, and pure green diamonds are extremely rare and extremely expensive, because the vegetation is usually present only in some parts of the diamonds. "Dresden Green", a perfect example of a green diamond, with its relatively low weight of 41 cards worth a lot due to rare perfect green. "Dresden Green" Diamond used for comparison of natural green diamonds, and those manufactured in the laboratory.

Blue Diamond (Hope Diamond)

He is also known as the cursed diamond, because whoever he was the owner would come upon him an early death. Symbol of beauty, wealth and power, words with which you could describe the hardest mineral in nature called the diamond. The second largest diamond in the world of 45 cards was discovered in a new light - as part of the necklace was designed by the famous American jeweler Harry Winston. It is the Hope diamond donated to the Smithsonian museum for more than 50 years.

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Antidepressant diet

Although stress and anxiety, tension can not be prevented, we can alleviate the anxiety of proper nutrition. Try to follow some of the following tips to help improve your mood.

- Cut back on caffeine

Too many carbonated drinks, coffee, tea and even chocolate can tire out your nervous system and lead you to the edge of nervousness, and in rare cases cause panic attacks.

- Reduce alcohol consumption

Many people turn to alcohol to calm their nerves, but negative consequences may be much higher for the body, but by using the initial relaxation. If you need a drink drink fresh orange juice or a relaxing tea. Limit drinks to one or two a day.

- Eat complex carbohydrates

During the anxious period, the diet should contain a high intake of complex carbohydrates. But that does not mean sugar. Chocolate and other sweets will just briefly give you a good feeling. Complex carbohydrates will operate long-term and systematic.

- Take multivitamins

Although the effectiveness of vitamin supplements recently is often placed into question, it is considered that you can not hurt, and chances are that you will use.

- Drink plenty of water.

Eight glasses a day you shall have become routine. Drink water on time. When you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated.

- Think about the herbal formulations.

St. John's wort, lemon balm and other herbs can help you calm down and drive away depression. However, do not independently decide to take, consult with your doctor, especially if you are taking any medications.

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Masks For Your Skin

Mask for tired skin

Grate a piece of apple, and you can add if you want piece of banana, add a few drops of lemon, half a teaspoon of oil, teaspoon honey, teaspoon of cheese, mix well and apply a mask to face.After 20 min wash your face with lukewarm water.

Mask for normal skin

Make a smooth paste of egg yolks, teaspoon honey, teaspoon of olive oil, apply to cleansed face and neck and let it sit for 25 minutes, after that, wash your face and apply cream.

Mask for oily skin

Tablespoon semolina whip with egg white, apply a mask to face.After 20 min with a rotary motion fingers massaging your face and remove the mask, wash your face with cold water and apply cream.

Mask for dry skin

Grate the carrot, add a half tablespoons of almond oil, tablespoon of sour and sweet milk. Apply the mask to the face and 30 min after wash your face.

Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask

Stir 3 tablespoons fat cheese, egg, one tablespoon yellow sugar, put everything on the face 30 minutes, then wash your face.Mask use twice a week.

Mask anti-wrinkle around the eyes

Grate the potatoes, put under the eyes to rest for 30 minutes, after rinse with lukewarm water.

Mask for tired eyes

Dip a cotton swab into the cold green tea or put a bag of tea, put on your eyes 10 minutes, then wash your eyes.

Face lift

Stir the juice of one lemon with a tablespoon of warm water and apply with cotton wool on the face in the morning and evening.

Anti-pimple lotion

Mix 30 ml of lemon juice, 30 g honey, 200 ml of water, shake and put on the spots several times a day.

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Natural Hair Masks

Natural hair masks

Sometimes shampoo and conditioner just can not help you because your hair needs special treatment. In these cases, nature again provides the best.

If your hair lost its glow, and hair became brittle and cracked, you can do this treatment. You will need an almond, olive, castor and rose oil. Blend for 10 tablespoons of almond, olive and castor oil and one tablespoon of rose. Rub the mixture into your hair before bedtime, do not wash, but leave to work while you sleep. Put a towel on the pillow or wrap hair in a cotton scarf. When you wake up, wash your hair with shampoo neutral. The treatment was enough to do one, but do you think it is necessary to repeat any more time, you do so. All ingredients are natural and can not harm you, you can just use.

If you add in shampoo a few drops of essential oils of lavender or jasmine, will strengthen the hair roots and reduce its decline.

If you have light hair, the glow will come back if you add the essential oil of rosemary shampoo or wash the tea of rosemary. (Essential oil, always use the maximum amount of 24 drops per 1dl rest of the ingredients).

Brown hair requires different treatment. Shine will come back with a mask prepared by two egg whites and a cup of strong black coffee. Beat the mixture well and apply to the entire length of hair. Allow 10 minutes to half an hour. After that wash hair with shampoo.

If your hair is red glow will be achieved with a mask of strawberries.Mash 5-6 strawberries and mix with 2 oz of apple juice. Leave on hair 10-30 minutes and wash with neutral shampoo. Do you have auburn hair instead of apple juice, use blueberry or black currant.

Scalp can be strengthened with this mask: yolk, half a teaspoon of rum and 2 tablespoons olive oil mix and rub into hair. Leave overnight and the morning wash chamomile.

Natural way to lighten your hair you can apply a strong chamomile tea or juice of freshly squeezed lemon. The effect will be even better if you leave the sun and let your hair dry gently. When hair is completely dry wash it with water.

To maintain healthy hair is important to proper nutrition. You probably did not know that for healthy hair you need to eat more food in which there are plenty of silicon (eg, oatmeal, cereal, millet, etc.) Also important is to keep the strong sun. Prior exposure to the sun, get a cap, hat, and certainly will not go wrong with scarves cheerful and interesting patterns.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to recognize fake perfume?

Nowadays, perfumes have become a luxury for which we are willing to give a lot ofmoney. They may be our trademark, but what about the scammers who sells us the "fog" claiming that the product is real?Not only are fake perfumes harmful to our wallet, but can be for our health too.Chemicals in them are not necessarily those that are listed on the label, so they can leave streaks of redness, rash or irritation on the neck and chest. So pay attention tothe perfume you buy and learn to recognize a fake.

Always buy perfumes in perfumery, never in the market, or stores with mixed type ofshop. People who illegally sell perfumes are certainly not trusted sources.Cellophane would not dare be wrinkled, and it should be tightly wound around the box.See and read a declaration that has country of origin. Also, pay attention to the letter which was written the name of the perfume where was written declaration. Big houses do not allow themselves grammatical errors.

Most fakes smells like the original, however, their true nature is soon can be uncovered because they usually lack a certain note of them in a short time lose the right smell.

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Bun Hairstyle For Every Occasion

Whether you are preparing for the evening, work, coffee with friends or party, you will not be mistaken if you choose a bun hairstyle.
      There are various tricks with which you can use when making a bun. From the place where you stand, whether it will be tight and nicely made optional, to the various accessories that you can put inside a bun and fit and accompanying outfit.
      Always you can experiment with hair style, if you have straight hair, you can gently twist and so do an optional bun that goes with every occasion. If you want more tight bun,then make sure the amount of hairspray that place, that they would not have to wash your hair again.
      However, if you want something more professional, there are stylists who will dowhatever you want to bun.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Classic and glamorous: New dresses by Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is on New York Fashion Week came to a lot confidence.Victoria Beckham said that she finally feels like a real designer and fashion industry has begun seriously to understand her. And who wouldn't when her glamorous (but still very classic) clothes worn by Madonna,Jennifer Hudson,Katherine Jenkins,Elle Macpherson and Courtney Cox.

She dreams of opening her first store and believes that this will happen in the next few years.Collection for autumn and winter 2010/2011 is an important step towards the final affirmation,it is also evidence that her previous collections are not just a coincidence but the result of talent and systematic work.Victoria's woman is sophisticated,independent and courageous.

New New York collection brings recognized feminine dresses,classic,timeless and yet the spirit of the times in which we live.Asymmetrical creations come in a range of popular gothic black, turquoise and a passionate red to the last season very popular purple.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coats for winter 2010/2011

When buying a coat special attention should be paid to the model and its quality.
This season there are two major trends when it comes to coats. One is based on a reinterpretation of the classical one, the other on new shapes and styles. Coats of solid cuts and sailor jackets, and coats-dresses are an absolute hit this year.

This season, fur is incredibly modern, so you can wear a fur coat or fur details. At fashion shows for autumn / winter 2010/2011. prestigious design houses are offering trendy fur coats by its appearance, especially price, blow you away.

Of course, always buy the artificial fur. It is warm and comfortable and the right, so neither you nor anyone around you will notice the difference, and the animals will survive. However, the wearing of fur must be moderate, to carry it without exaggeration and not to blindly follow fashion. If the fur does not fit with your personality and do not know how to bring it, it's better to buy a classical model.

Price still influences the choice of a coat, and if you look at the financial possibilities of the latest Prada models that are inspired by the sixties, and completely feminine models of Versace and Lanvin. Fur is dominated by glamorous models and luxury fashion houses-Chanel, Burberry Prorsum, Marc Jacobs.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Straight Hair - How To Have Healthy,Shiny Straight hair

Most women suffer for that kind of hair they can't have - the ones with straight hair at any price want curls, while curly ladies reach for an iron and straightens her hair. But it has always been so - we suffer for what we don'n have and what we have we take for granted.

Straightening hair is a widespread trend among girls especially in the last ten years, and there is almost no female members of curly hair that is at least one reached for an iron. Neither the fact that too often can damage the hair iron does not prevent some from the plan.

It's nice to see a healthy, shiny straight hair.But it's not nice to see the straight hair dull,cracked tops,apparently unhealthy.Since you dont't want to be in that second group,before start to ironing your hair pay attention to several important factors of healty hair - first,there is an appropriate shampoo for hair straightening.These on the market today there are many, and almost every manufacturer of hair products has its own version. Also, you must use the conditioner for straightening hair, preferably one that does not need to be washed after application. The next step is to dry your hair well before ironing. So, no one lock should not be wet because it is the worst thing your hair you can afford. When drying the hair it is important to the semi-dry hair, apply product that will protect your hair from high temperatures during the treatment of iron. Make sure hair is completely dry!Now you can to begin to iron the hair.

To select the right iron is best to seek the advice of hairdressers, they know the best irons that are good quality and reliable. If the hair is usually just a little wavy, iron will be simple, easy strokes you'll have to pass through the hair. If hair is curly, iron will last a little longer, a hair is best broken down into smaller strands and iron individually.Another important thing - after iron, it is desirable to put on your hair a bit of silicone serum to hair got extra shine or better yet put a drop of argan oil. It is not advisable to iron until the moisture in the air because the effect is unlikely to be satisfactory - as soon as walk in the fresh air, the hair will become curly. So, make sure the weather is dry.

And finally - if you treat your hair properly before ironing and using quality protective preparations you don't have to worry about anything.

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Care of Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair is not a common type of hair, more often straight or wavy hair. That is why some women are tortured and can not get away with curls. Do not allow yourself to be one of them, and if you are, do something to change it and adopt these tips.
Naturally curly hair is beautiful, although sometimes make troubles, for example, it is impossible to contain. It requires more dedication and care from other types of hair.But if you thought that it would be nice to have straight hair and a curl of your choice, think again. Natural curls are something special and hard will it make any hairdresser.
Curly ladies - when your time allows you,try to avoid to dry your hair with a hair dryer.After washing your hair,flip your hair with a towel and allow your hair to dry all by herself.
You'll get curls that will be hard to resist. Furthermore, be sure to use shampoo and conditioner for curly hair because they will give your hair shine and elasticity and is perfectly defined. There are also foam for curly hair that you can use before the night out for the sexy, naughty look. Throw your head down, take your foam in your hand and with your fingers pass into the hair - the effect will be perfect - the curls will be all over the place.

You have a great selection of hairstyles and hair length. Long curly hair is a favorite for both women and men alike - it is sensual, elegant and romantic. But if you're a lover oflong hair, feel free to opt for a slightly shorter version. For example, the bob hairstyle looks great if your curls are moderate, but if you have small curls careful with thathaircut that you do not get unwanted "pyramid" effect. Short hairstyles look great on people with curly hair but your hair then you need a longer period to re-grow, or that the curls get the weight and start to fall down and not to go wide.
Thinking about the bangs, be sure to consult with a stylist, because curly hair bangs areusually only good if they are very short.

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Bangs - Always and Everywhere

Bangs are always and everywhere is the motto of many women, precisely because they are always in fashion and give a touch of freshness and bounce to your hair and hairstyle. But as with other hairstyles, one should bear in mind that there are many forms of bangs,and the different variations of bangs,so it is advisable to inform yourself before you cut them.

Bangs are never out of fashion. They are always returned back, and the red carpet is always full of them. Some of the most famous beauties have bangs become almost a trademark of Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes, JessicaAlba ... I guess that tells you enough ..

The question that we're asking is: how to adjust, to the left or right, or center, or abounding.
Bangs really agree with every hair, as the short and the long hair and the bob hairstyle, or a simple fishbone. However, there are a few rules: the ladies with a round face the best fit to put more bangs to the side, never short of one. Those with a square face fitbest bangs that fall to just below the eyebrows because it will make your face such aseductive and sensual. If your face is oval, you're lucky. You can play all kinds of bangs,each bangs will look great on you. If you have a heart-face, try an asymmetrical bangs,they will distract attention from the high forehead, and highlight your eyes. And another very important rule - on the bangs must be cared for, that is, must be shortened once a month.

So, if you want some sort of change, why do not you decide on bangs because they are precisely the largest and most secure change that will refresh and be nicer to your look.

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Hairstyles for Oval Face

Oval face shape is most common in women. For example the well-known, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Mariah Carey are just some of the beauties who graced oval face. Besides being quite a common form, it is also a form which fits the largest number of hairstyles. And what is important to us women, if not exactly that - a choice of different hairstyles? So if you have an oval face, you're lucky, there is almost no hairstyle that you do not fit! With an oval face you are allowed to experiment and try different hairstyles, whether it's long, short, straight or curly hair. Whatever you want!
The rule that should have followed is not to hide your perfect face shape! So, a bun and tails are always welcome. Your regular facial features really allow you to carry all types of hair, so take advantage of it. Do not let yourself be limited to just one hair style change it.
We would certainly recommend you include highlights or hair that is uneven in length, which will make your face more to emphasize and make it more feminine and elegant. It is also a big hit if you decide for bob or just naturally wavy hair. The best is you making your hair back, and so emphasize the cheeks and lips.
The only thing you should avoid are the thick bangs that fall on your face so it hides its perfect shape.
Everything else you are allowed, and it is your imperative: Try new hairstyles!

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